Product Description:

The stripping machine is the key equipment of Cathode Washing and Stripping System. It can strip the electro-deposited copper layers or electro-deposited copper layers from the stainless steel (SS) cathode. Generally, it works together with robot to complete the work.

Main Process:

1.Design Capacity1 cathode plate /6.54s550 cathode plates/hour
2.Processing capacity 1 cathode plate /7.2 s ≥500 cathode plates/hour
3.Washing water temperature ≤60~70℃ 60~65℃ recommended
4.Washing water circulation volume three-phase washing, two circulating pumps 1#The pump's flow is 90m3/h, 2# pump's flow is 70m3/h, one 12m3 Cycling/Washing water tank.
5.Dimensions (L×W×H) 45200×16700×6000mm Actual dimension is subject to the finalized design.
6.Stack number according to copper sheet stack quantity and height
7.Stripping Specifications 945mm×1000mm×(5~10)mm weight of deposited copper sheet on the one cathode plate side is 45~90 kg.
8. Control methodPLC
9. Safety deviceEmergency interlocks and safety devices, it prevents personal injury and equipment damage under any conditions.
10.Cathode lifting methodAs per the special cranes lifting requirements for for electrolysis plant.
11.Main power supply380V AC(±10%), 50Hz
12.Safety control voltageDC 24VButtons, indicator lights, hydraulic solenoid valve control power, etc.
13.Total installed power293.8kW
14.Total weight107 tons
15.Hydraulic working pressure 11.0 MP
16.Cooling water consumption 9t/h Water pressure 0.2~0.4MPa, to cool hydraulic oil.
17.Water vapor consumption331.4m3/h
18.Water vapor pressure0.6~0.8 MPa
19.Demisting fan 8,000 m³/h wind pressure 1500 Pa
20.Compressed air consumption 0.4 t/h Air pressure: 0.3 MPa
21.Cathode copper stack transport mode Using forklift
22.Operational modesContinuous Mode
Automatic Mode
Manual Mode
Test Mode The operational modes can be realized by switching the operating console switches.
23.Washing effectAs per LME Grade A copper requirementsAfter washing, the cathode copper surface is clean without electrolyte, CuSO crystal, and other attachments.
24.Main Equipment Design Life30 years
25.Working Day Per Year360 days
26.Daily shifts3 shift
27.Working Hours Per Shift8 hours


Q1: What's payment terms are acceptable?

A: LC, TT and cash.

Q2: Can you provide installation service?

A: Yes, we provide the clients with installation service or installation instruction through on-line or other method as per their needs.

Q3: Can you provide design service to client?

A: Yes, we can provide customized design service and stripping machine as per clients needs.

Q4: Does the busbar can work alone?


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