Product Description:

Cobalt removal chemical is widely used in Zinc hydrometallurgy process.

The Cobalt removal reagent mainly used to purify the impurities such as Co, Ni and Cd from the leaching solution of Zinc hydro metallurgy process.

ItemUOM Parameter
1. Reaction temperature 75℃
2. Reaction duration Minute60 minutes
3. pH value 4–4.5
4. Amount10-15 times of the total amount of Co, Fe, Cd, Cu contents.*
5. ColorBlack powder
Product Feature:

High impurities removing efficient

In the process of reaction and filtration, impurities in the ZnSO4 is turned into unsolvable solid matter and remove efficiently.

Do not return to the solution deeply remove impurities in ZnSO4 solution

Easy to operate

No special requirements for equipment and facilities

Delivery, package and storage

The lead time is 20~30 days after receive the official PO from customer

Its packed in a 25kg woven bag

It shall be stored in a ventilated and dry place.


Q1: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name?

A:Sure, we can make your own brand on the product

Q2: Packaging & Shipping

A: Its packed in a 20kg PVC bag and shipping by sea

Q3: What about the lead time for mass production?

A: The lead time is 30 days after receive the official PO from customer

Q4: How soon we can get email response from your team?

A: We will reply to you within 24 hours after get your inquiry.

Q5: How long can I expect to get the sample?

A: We can provide to you within 1~2 days if there is stock.

Q6: What's the MOQ for your production?

1 ton.

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