Product Description:

Busbar, or copper busbar, which convey the low voltage and high current to the anode and cathode inside the electrolysis cell to refine copper, zinc, silver and other metals, is the key device for electrolysis equipment or hydro-metallurgy.

Resistivity(Ωmm²/m) ≤(20℃)0.01777Ωmm²/m
Conductivity(%LACS) ≥98%
Hardness HB≥65
Density 8.95g/cm³ 
Tensile strength ≥260N/ mm²

Q1: What's payment terms are acceptable?

A: LC, TT and cash.

Q2: Can you provide installation service?

A: Yes, we provide the clients with installation service or installation instruction through on-line or other method as per their needs.

Q3: Can you provide design service to client?

A: Yes, we can provide customized design service and busbar as per clients needs.

Q4: Does the busbar can work alone?

No, it must work together with electrolysis cell, anode, cathode, and rectiformer.

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