Indium Refining Project

This indium refining project is design to extract the Indium (In) from the sponge indium (sponge In), which is the residual from the zinc (Zn) refining. There are two stages for refining In. At first stage, it reduces sponge In to produce the crude Indium (95~96% Cd); at second one, the crude Cd is refined by using Indium vacuum distillation furnace.


Crude In Reduction Furnace Technical Index
No.ItemUOM Description
1. Raw materialSponge In
2. Crucible effective volume Kg 500
3. Charging method Manually charge, tilting furnace discharging
4. Max capacity kg/batch 300
5. Max temperature 800 (Outside crucible)
6. Heating energy AC three-phase 380V 50Hz
7. Flue gas discharge method furnace roof side face
8. Heating method Indirect heating crucible
9. Furnace lining material castable + folding gasket
10. Electric furnace power kW 60
11. Heating element Heating wire
12. Furnace temperature uniformity ±5
13. Temperature rising time h ≤1
14. Temperature control point Piece 2
15. Temperature measurement point Piece 2
16. Furnace wall temperature rise ≤45
17. Crucible material 316 L
18. Crucible outer diameter mm Φ440
19. Crucible wall thickness mm 20
20. Furnace body diameter mm φ1100
21. Furnace height mm 1500
22. Temperature control method Intelligent temperature control, automatic alarm
Basic design parameters for indium vacuum distillation furnace:
Raw material chemical compositionInCbFeTlSnAl
≥95%0.5~1% 0.5~1.5% 0.5~0.8% 0.2~0.6% 0.02~0.03%
Product Refined Sn ingot 100 t/a (In≥99.9%)
Working days per year (day) 300
Annually treating capacity (tpa) 350 tone
Fuel Electricity AC 380V 50Hz


1. The actual raw material chemical composition should be supplied by clients.

2. The raw material chemical composition in the above table is decided with reference to the ones’ chemical composition in China and India.

In vacuum distillation furnace technical indexes:
S/N Item UOM Description
1.Capacity kg/batch 300 kg/batch
2.Process modeRefine In batch by batch
3.Operation interval hour/batch 8~12
4.Heat mode Medium frequency induction heating
5.Rated power kW 120
6.Crucible type Enclosed refining crucible
7.Crucible material Graphite
8.Crucible service life over 12 months
9.Cooling methodVacuum radiation heat transfer, water cooling furnace casing
10.Output material In ≧99.1%
11.Purification rate Zn & Cd removal rate >98%
12.Vacuum degree furnace body vacuum degree 0~100Pa
13.Vacuum pump rotary-vane vacuum pump, 3kw
14.Manpower2 persons for one shift
15.Circulating cooling water t/h 20
16.Water consumption t/day 1

Note: The above indexes are the Sponge In Reduction Furnace and In vacuum distillation furnace design parameter as per Chinese clients’ requirements.


Q1: What's payment terms are acceptable?

A: LC, TT and cash.

Q2: Can you provide installation service?

A: Yes, we provide the clients with installation service or installation instruction through on-line or other method as per their needs.

Q3: Can you provide design service to client?

A: Yes, we can provide customized design service and product as per clients needs.

Q4: What are the raw materials and final product of the project?

A: The raw materials are the sponge cadmium, which is the residual from zinc refining. The final product is refined Indium (≥99.9% Indium).

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