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Tin pot, also known as tin kettle, is a Tin (Sn) pyro-refining device that is utilized to remove the impurities in the tin. Tin pot/kettle is the key equipment for refining tin.

The tin pot is employed to removed the impurities like copper (Cu), antimony(Sb), arsenic(As) and others before/after tin vacuum distillation or before tin crystallization to produce refined tin(≥99.99%).

The tin pot (kettle) system comprises of agitator, kettle cover, kettle, stove and platform. The refractory brick block are built inside the stove body. We can design and supply complete lead pot system for the client.

Materials Q245R, Q345R, SS304, stainless steel 316L, special refractory.
WeightVaries according to capacity
Service life6-24 months

Q1: What's payment terms are acceptable?

A: LC, TT and cash.

Q2: Can you provide installation service?

A: Yes, we provide the clients with installation service or installation instruction through on-line or other method as per their needs.

Q3: Can you provide design service to client?

A: Yes, we can provide customized design service and tin pot as per clients needs.

Q4: What are the raw materials and final product of the tin pot?

A: The raw materials are the crude tin containing impurities like copper, silver, tin, gold and other metal elements. The final product is tin metals for further process. Moreover, the slag also can be handle to extract silver, gold, tin and other metals.

Q5: Does the tin pot system can work alone?

Yes. It also can work with other tin pot, rotating furnace, tin-tin vacuum distillation furnace to form a metallurgy production complex.

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