Product Description:

Anode that is a hydrometallurgy device is employed to refine copper, zinc and other metals through electrolysis or electrowinning. The anodes for copper electrolysis or lead electrolysis are made of crude copper (≥98% Cu) or crude lead(≥98% Pb) in the plant using the ingot smelting and casting equipment. We also can supply the copper and lead anode production equipment.

The anodes for copper electrowinning and zinc electrowinning are made of lead-silver alloy or lead-tin-calcium alloy. Needless to say, anode hanger bar is made of refined copper.

The lead-silver anode, or Pb-Ag anode, is widely employed in Zinc electrowinning and copper electrowinning industries for their inert property low production cost. With uniform crystal structure, the rolling Pb-Ag anode plate features wonderful anti-corrosion and mechanical performance stability.

Product Advantages:

● High mechanical strength

● Quick and stable formation of hard, compact and adherent protective corrosion layer (conditioning)

● High corrosion resistance, long service life

● Lowest production cost

● Reduce cell voltage, increase high current efficiency

● Increase cathode copper quality

● No anode or cell cleaning required

● Blank flatness error ≤ 0.2 mm

Two Typical Pb-Ag Anode Parameters:
UTS, MPa 0.2%Y.S., MPa Elongation, (%) Hardness, R30

Q1: What's payment terms are acceptable?

A: LC, TT and cash.

Q2: Can you provide installation service?

A: Yes, we provide the clients with installation service or installation instruction through on-line or other method as per their needs.

Q3: Can you provide design service to client?

A: Yes, we can provide customized design service and anode as per clients needs.

Q4: What are the raw materials and final product of the electrolytic cell?

A: The raw materials are the electrolyte of copper sulfate(CuSO)/ zinc sulfate(ZnSO). The final product is refined copper (≥99.99% Cu) or refined zinc(≥99.99% Zn).

Q5: Does the anode can work alone?

No, it must work together with electrolytic cell, cathode, busbar and other device to refine copper, zinc and other metals.

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Anode copper hanger bar

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